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3 Wise Apparel Shopping Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

You’ve heard all sorts of shopping tricks before, but what makes this set any different?

First of all, they’re honest and sincere, which is explained by the fact that they’re borne out of years of experience stalking sales and news arrival racks. Second, they are from the fashion editor of a respected fashion publication. Third, they involve tips that go against the stereotypical ones you usually hear; they are beneficial and, come to think of it, have been some of your own realizations, albeit pushed immediately under a cognitive rug just as soon as they glimmer from the horizon of your mind.

Without further ado, here are those sage tips.

 Go for Love, Not Need


Have you ever bought something that later made you wonder what you were thinking? Most likely, you purchased the item in question out of need, didn’t you? The problem with buying what you need, when it comes to clothes, is that you are likely to compromise on some things just so you get the item that pretty much fits your need criteria of the moment.

Say, you think you’re missing a navy blue top from your wardrobe and just need to have one because you believe (and your favorite fashion pundits are also telling you) that you’re supposed to have this neutral essential in your closet. The best navy top you can find at your favorite shop is something with a short sleeve and a ruffled hem, which aren’t exactly what you like this season. Since it’s your best navy bet so far, you take a risk and buy it, only to find yourself discarding the item not long afterward.

The truth is, your wardrobe can survive without a navy top or some other item for that matter. You still got clothes to wear, don’t you? Not a desperate case at all. Therefore, if the item you find does not exactly make your little heart brim over with love and joy, don’t buy it. If you find yourself in a shopping dilemma, ask yourself whether you love the clothing you’re fitting. Think about it – isn’t it just exciting to open your closet and find that you love everything in it?

 Take It to the Fitting Room

Find something that caught your eye? Try it on! It doesn’t cost a thing, and you also get to see for sure whether the item suits you. Maybe you’re fearful you might end up buying the item, but it is better to settle the score right there and then than spend restless nights (or hours in the day) obsessing over that clothing. Once you try it on and discover it is not flattering at all, you won’t have to deal with the window shopping flashbacks later when you get home. Case closed, so to say.

Also, trying on clothes help you gain a good idea on what items suit you and which don’t. It also allows you to experiment with different looks and silhouettes, which is useful for when you shop online. You are likely to avoid ordering the wrong thing if you know what suits you.

 Shop Frequently


No, this doesn’t mean you should buy something new every day or three times a week. Rather, if you spot something that you feel is the perfect (insert item description here) because it goes with a lot of things, even when it’s actually not on your shopping list, then go and get it right there and then. That’s because waiting for a need to arise or deciding to bulk shop will only set you up for trouble. You may end up buying compromise items, not actually find what you’re looking for, or spend more than you bargained for. Eventually, you’ll realize when you open your closet that you actually have everything you need already.

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