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Cindy Crawford is Building an Impressive Real Estate Portfolio, Check out Her Latest Acquisition

We don’t know a single person who doesn’t love a good bargain or a discount, do you? Hello, where are all the Black Friday shoppers at? The joy that comes with buying something at a slashed price is unmatched, and that’s why Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford have been all smiles recently.

$1.1 Million Discount!

A million-dollar discount would light up your face like this

How would you feel buying a house at $1.1 million less than its listed price? This is exactly what happened for Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford who recently made a huge real estate investment with impressive profit margins.

Think about the happiness you feel when you see a product at the supermarket with even $1 discount. Now multiply that by a million. That’s how much this means to the couple!

Without a doubt, Gerber and Crawford know their way around real estate. Anyone knowledgeable in the field will tell you for free that discounts are hard to come by, and they hardly ever cross the $1 million mark. But this power couple has proved itself!


Comfort and the all right feels

Just recently, they sold a Malibu home at a price four times more than what they had acquired it for, and look at them now, snatching up a vacation spot at a discount. The piece of property they acquired is located in La Quinta, California, and is as luxurious as desert getaways come. Let not that huge discount fool you!

Specifically located at Coachella Valley, the views on the home sitting on 600 square feet are to die for. In fact, panoramic is the word that best describes them. In addition to seeing lush golf turfs, you get to see the mountains at the comfort of your own home.

The house’s interiors are perfect for Crawford, as we know how particular the model is about her designs. Speaking to Architectural Digest, she revealed that she’s all about comfort and the right feels.

They are at opposite ends of the spectrum with her husband, who is more for the looks. Luckily, she is in charge of the interior design at their multiple residences.

Notice the polished floor and high ceiling?

Perfect for Crawford

Their new home features polished floors, cream in color, with high ceilings, with its rooms seamlessly flowing into each other. The dining room features a wine cellar, while the kitchen has a breakfast bar to boot.

There’s also a living room that’s separate from the family room, embellished by glass walls that go all the way from the floor to the ceiling.

A section of these walls opens up to lead you to a patio with a fireplace as its finishing touch, as well as an infinity pool that is as cool as they come. What makes the pool more appealing to the eye is the fact that it is set against a golf turf background.

The master suite comes with as much bathroom space as you could ever wish for, and features a fireplace and a unique screen that pulls back inside the ceiling when not in use. Three other bedrooms feature a lounge and are in the mansion’s private wing for complete privacy.

In addition to this new acquisition, the couple owns a Beverly Hills mansion they acquired for $11.6 million, and the Malibu estate they let go brought them $45 million.

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