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These Were The Most Expensive Items on Amazon

We have gone through each and every category on Amazon to find the most expensive things you can buy here! Ok, mostly, as we expected, a huge amount of artwork pieces are there on the top of the price range. However, we looked a bit harder and found other pricey items.

On this list, there are things that you could buy and actually use, industrial products available from third-party sellers, and the most expensive pieces of art we were able to find. None of these have anything in common. They are no bulk items; there are no joke items—these are all for real.

From the millions of things sold on Amazon each day, we found those that were among the most expensive ones. Nonetheless, who knows? Maybe something that costs more will pop-up tomorrow!

 Autographed Card Set of Mickey Mantle: $90,909

This is one of the best and most expensive baseball cards, and it can be found on Amazon with a certificate of authenticity. This autographed set of four cards includes the one that has the famous player swinging and hitting, captioned “Going, Going, Gone.”

 Lladro Niagara Chandelier: $118,800

Handmade of fine porcelain, this chandelier is a result of a complicated artistic process. Why is it so valuable? It starts with a sketch and went through the figure in clay phase to be approved by the Creativity Committee. Once the crafting process is done, these sculptures go through numerous quality controls. Best materials are in use here. However, sometimes, the Lladro products are no worthy of the name, so they are destroyed.

 Natural Untreated Ruby: $119,230

This piece of jewelry weights 5.1ct and originates from Tanzania. Shaped like an oval, it has intense color and a perfect clarity—this is one of a kind. The Natural Sapphire Company put it up for sale, and they are the ones that will ship this precious cargo to the lucky buyer.

 26 Hockey Jerseys: $181,820

These limited-run jerseys have all sorts of stats from 26 biggest stars of the NHL, and they are autographed by each player. Each jersey comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity that matches the number of the edition.

 Stainless Steel Belt Buckle: $295,000

This piece of hip hop bling is another set of expensive items displayed on Amazon. The seller said it is “A pristine design with an unmatchable caliber!! Exclusively available only at Master Of Bling Perfect gift for your loved ones, for the perfect price.”

 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Set: $318,184

Baseball fans will know that this piece of sports memorabilia is related to a Canadian icon O-Pee-Chee. His cards never hit the mainstream, but they existed for a while. Today, they are extremely rare, which makes them this valuable.

 A manuscript signed and annotated by William Barclay Masterson: $403,750

For those who never heard of him, William “Bat” Masterson was an important figure of the American Old West. He was known as an Army scout, gambler, buffalo hunter, Dodge City lawman, a columnist and sports editor for the New York Morning Telegraph. He also used to publish books. Author Robert M. Wright sent him a manuscript for review. Masterson made a few corrections and signed with his full name – which he rarely did. Now, that manuscript is up for sale.

 Indian Ten-Dollar Coin: $624,800 

How come a coin that was once worth $10 is now worth over half a million? Well, it seems that these coins are now hard to come by. This one has the authenticity certificate and is still in a very good state. There’s no much info on the Amazon listing, but this gold coin ships for free. That makes one plus to it.

 Movie poster “Old Dark House”: $750,000 

This is even rarer than the old Dracula and Frankenstein posters. This item is an uber-rare original 27×41 one sheet poster for a classic Universal horror film from 1932 by James Whale. According to the seller, this poster has incredibly vivid colors and amazing 85-years-old artwork. Here’s how the seller is trying to persuade potential buyers: “Don’t let this great poster slip by! This is one of only two known examples of this super rare one sheet and is in much better condition than the other one!”

 Poster from 1932 Freaks: $850,000 

The most expensive item on Amazon at the moment is a movie poster, and it is the most expensive movie poster ever! This is the only known original style 41×27 one sheet poster for this 1932 classic.

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