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House Flipper Ellen DeGeneres at it Again! Take a Look at Her Most Recent $24 Million Sale

That Ellen DeGeneres has accumulated quite the real estate portfolio is a true testament of her knowledge in the business. The comedian, who also doubles up as an actress and talk show host, has over the years transformed herself into a certified house flipper, and has made some mad profit while at it.

Successful house flipper

And although she has earned the successful house flipper tag, Ellen vehemently opposes being referred to this way. To her, acquiring houses, transforming them, then selling them off for profit is more of a hobby than it is a business venture.

Definitely, the talk show host’s client list is made up of A-listers, and you’d expect nothing less given the asking price she puts up on her pieces of property. Ellen has sold houses to Eric Schmidt and Ryan Seacrest, and was also played landlord when she rented a house out to Nick Jonas in 2015.

$24 Million and It’s Yours

The 61-year-old is actually back at it again, this time asking for $24 million to take a Carpinteria property off her hands. Knowing her way around the business, you better be sure that Ellen is selling at a profit, and a handsome one at that.

Ellen and Portia (her wife) spent $18 million on this house

Barely a couple of years ago, she parted with $18.6 million to acquire this hot piece that spans an acre and then some, so if you’ve got your math right, you know that she’ll soon be $6 million richer.

The main house sits on some 6,862 sq. feet, and boasts three luxurious bedrooms, with 3½ baths getting the accommodation bit of everything all covered.

The property also includes a guest house that’s just as splendid, complete with two baths and one bedroom. To do you one better, the residence also sits at a beachfront, 77 feet long, and one’s that easily accessible from the house.

Being this close to the beach naturally translates to heavenly oceanic views, and what more could one ask for living in California? What’s more, the property’s location makes it ideal for both solemn moments and loud parties, whatever your preference.

Heavenly oceanic views

Escaping LA

Ellen’s target market for this piece is essentially buyers looking to escape from the City of Angels, knowing how complicated navigating LA can be. What better place to escape to than to where you’re treated to expansive coastal views?

The house is even designed to major more on your fun side, having a number of outdoor decks and a courtyard to boot. There’s even a deck on the roof, complete with a fireplace. Think of all you could get going up there! Be it a quiet night reading, hosting guests, or simply watching the stars – it doesn’t get any better than this!

Needless to say, the house is in perfect condition, as per Ellen’s standards. Seeing as she’s big on interior design, you may not even have to change anything in the building. Her taste is up there with the finest interior designers in the business, as sure as night follows day.

If you’re loaded, how about you snatch this up sooner rather than later? It won’t be available for long, and you can take that to the bank.

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