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The House Next to Steve Martin’s Beverly Hills Mansion is up for Sale, But It’s Not Cheap!

Over the years, filmmaker, comedian, and actor Steve Martin has accumulated quite an enviable real estate portfolio. The thing with real estate is that it has always been a worthy investment as you can always cash in on it at a moment’s notice.

And guess what? This is exactly what Martin intends to do with one of his residences in Beverly Hills, listing it for $2.15 million to one lucky buyer who could become his neighbor in the future.

Steve Martin is looking to sell one of his houses


The property on sale boasts 4 bedrooms complimented by 4½ bathrooms and sits on approximately a whole acre. What’s more, the property is situated right next to the actor’s primary home, meaning that whoever acquires this home will effectively be his next door neighbor. Who wouldn’t want the comedian for a neighbor?

The actual home spans across a 1,400-square-foot space and undoubtedly occupies most of the space on the compound. It brings with it a casual vibe, with the ground floor having an enhanced open plan, as you notice soon as you’re through the front door.

This must be due to the long corridor that greets you on your way in, especially since the beige tiles on the floor are quite the pretty sight. You also quickly notice the flight of stairs leading up to the building’s second floor, beckoning you to climb up and explore the house some more.

This flight of stairs invites you to explore more

The living room is quite spacious, as evidenced by two distinctly separate gathering spaces, both serviced by an elegant fireplace on one of the room’s peripheries. The ceiling in this room is striking, to say the least, with the white paint on it doing it enough justice. The fact that it also slopes at a certain angle gives it extra points.

The kitchen wouldn’t miss a central island now, would it? It stands tall in the middle of the room as if to compliment the cabinets and countertops present in the room. These are just as elegant as the island, if not more. Off this marvelous kitchen is a breakfast room that features high ceilings, with glass windows for walls. Let’s let the morning light in, shall we?

Superior master suite

Of the four bedrooms, three are designed for guests, with the remaining one being the master suite. Naturally, it is far more superior than its counterparts, and has a ceiling similar to that one in the living room. Doors from the master bedroom lead you out to a terrace with views that would keep you up all night long, especially after a refreshing bath from the rooms deep-soaking bathtub. If you’re more of a shower person, the bathroom’s also got you covered, so you are good to go.

Notice the bathtub?

Brick patios fill the space that is the building’s backyard, with a garage filling the space at the front, fit for both you and your partner’s cars if you own one each.

Remember when we mentioned Steve Martin has quite the real estate portfolio? In addition to these two pieces of property in Beverly Hills, he also owns a condo in the Big Apple, a stone manor in North Carolina, and another home in Montecito he almost sold in 2015.

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