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John Travolta Just Bought a $2.65-Million Villa in Hollywood’s Most Beloved City!

With as long a career as he’s had, the assumption would be that actor, singer, and dancer John Travolta is indeed loaded. Truth is, this isn’t just an assumption – the man’s got paper!

You only have to look at his impressive real estate portfolio if you need convincing. Seeing as the man owns several homes in the states of Florida and California, why would you doubt that he’s got bank?

Unquenched Thirst

What’s more, his thirst for new pieces of property is nowhere close to being quenched. Travolta has recently acquired yet another home in CA, this time in Calabasas, Los Angeles.

The villa reportedly cost him $2.65 million, but that’s a small price to pay to live in the same posh suburb with A-listers such as the Kardashians and Will Smith, right?

Travolta paid $2.5 million to own this home

There’s just something about the neighborhood that draws celebrities in, and Travolta will certainly not be the last one of them to own a home here.

The Face Off actor’s new home is big on privacy, this being the first thing you notice. The villa is located at a dead end, so there won’t be a lot of movement at Travolta’s guarded gate. Who wants all that noise associated with the flow of traffic right outside their home anyway?

As for the main house itself, the 7,500 square foot space boasts six bedrooms complete with a similar number of bathrooms, along with four fireplaces to boot. Truth be told, everything in this villa is grand.

As soon as you’re through the gate, your eyes are drawn to the fountain at the front of the house, with palm trees towering over it. Surrounding it are tiles that continue into the house where a waiting foyer welcomes you.

Palm trees tower over the fountain

A tiled staircase rising from the foyer invites you to explore the rest of the house, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason to decline this invitation.

You’d definitely want to set foot in the home’s living room with its numerous windows and marble fireplace, and don’t even get us started on the library. It features built-in shelves and is as cozy as they come.

Of Hosting Guests

In his newest home, Travolta will have the luxury to host at least twelve guests, with this being the maximum number of people the dining room can accommodate. And since they say three is a party, what’s twelve?

That the villa also boasts a chef’s kitchen means that guest will always have nothing to worry about when it comes to matters food, and the wine closet, temperature-controlled, will take care of what comes next after a sumptuous meal.

Who wouldn’t love this kitchen?

For those who enjoy something a little stronger than wine, there’s a wet bar present. It seems as though the architect thought of everything, no?

For a 65-year-old, you must admit that Travolta is truly in shape. The man must love working out, and his new home has him sorted on that front. With a gym to die for, you expect the actor to continue giving his peers a run for their money.

The building’s master suite is located upstairs, and it’s as impressive as the rest of the house. Its bathroom is quite spacious, and the fireplace and balcony bring in the extra oomph.

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