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Kayne West Gets Approval to Break Ground on the Wyoming Mansion

Kanye Omari West, the 42-year-old rapper and music producer, has remained at the center of media attention not only for his record-breaking albums but, also for various other reasons. One of them was marrying Kim Kardashian, a style diva of her stature. Lately, he has evoked interest in himself by expressing intentions of running for the 2020 presidential elections. Other than all these major events in his life, last year, he made headlines for having purchased a 3000-acre ranch. According to the reports, the Wyoming Mansion put a dent in his wallet worth $14 million.

Business Insider | Kanye finally gets to start construction on his 3000-acre property

Lately, he presented plans for the reconstruction of Wyoming mansion that focused on a 10-bedroom theme with other accompanying facilities. The proposal for the mega-mansion also included maps for the construction of two new cabins by the lakeside to replace the present ones on his other site.

The construction plans of two underground garages extending to a 10,000 sq. ft each were also approved by the county. This contrasted with the previous year when West was denied permission from the Park’s County Planning and Zoning Commission for going ahead with the construction of an amphitheater on the site.

This was because the commission discovered that he had already gone ahead with the construction before the plans were approved, and the construction permit issued. Thus, the commission barred his request and asked him to put an end to the project immediately

Last September, the couple purchased the Monster Lake Ranch. At current, the property has a home designed after a ranch, two lakeside cabins, a horse barn, corrals, a ranch for cattle, and a big bird barn which could house 1500 birds. It also includes a saloon, a venue for organizing events, and a shooting range.

Powell Tribune | The Monster Lake Ranch has been in their real estate arsenal for a year now

Just after two months, the couple posted a bid for another ranch, famously know as Bighorn Mountain. It changed hands for $14.495 for a net landmass of 6713 acres. This landscape stands out for its mountains, canyons, creeks, bluffs, and game-hunting grounds. The venue also has a heated helicopter pad and walk-in saunas.

Rocdoc Travel | The power couple has their eyes on another great ranch

Both of Kayne West’s properties are in the outskirts of Cody, at the northwest of Wyoming- a town that has a total population of 9,826 people. He is becoming famous for investing in his family life by elucidating occasional expressions of love for his wife, Kim Kardashian. This is followed by his entrepreneurial occupation of lands to develop into a housing facility for himself or to throw it back on the market after holding it for a while.

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