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Kim and Kanye Flew in a Special European Crew to Install the Floors in Their Hidden Hills Mansion

Each time we’ve had a glimpse of the home Kim Kardashian shares with her husband Kanye West, there has always been an accompanying intriguing detail. When Vogue visited the couple for a 73 Questions interview earlier in the year, the master bathroom stole the show, especially its basin-less sinks. They created such the online buzz that Kim had to upload a video explaining how to go about using them.

Kim and Kanye have an enviable Hidden Hills residence

This time around, Forbes was the magazine interested in the couple, and Zack O’Malley was tasked with interviewing them. As the writer noted in his subsequent article, Kanye knows no limits when it comes to maintaining his Hidden Hills mansion in its ultimate glory.

Describing the residence, O’Malley wrote that the exterior compound wash lush, painting a sharp contrast to the walls on the inside. He continued to say that most of the surfaces in the house are white, but the most valuable of them all might just be the floor.

Belgian Floor

As the writer revealed, the entire floor is made of some sort of delicate Belgian plaster, one Kanye is keen on not having it scuffed. If by any unfortunate chance that happens, repairing the floor means bringing in a European crew, seeing as the material is Belgian after all.

To avoid scratching the floor, Kim and Kanye have their guests use cloth booties to cover their shoes, and O’Malley was no exception. We can’t blame them for taking precautions now, can we?

Kris hosted her daughter before she moved into her new houseThe couple acquired the piece of property in 2014, and spent three years upgrading it. Back then, it cost them $20 million, but after the refurbishments, it appreciated to $60 million. Before moving into the Hidden Hills mansion, Kim was her mother’s (Kris Jenner) guest.

With the Kanye West family growing over the years, the mansion is perfect for the kids, especially since it’s spacious enough. We all know how hectic it gets having four kids in the house, or rather how uncomfortable it can be having all of them cramped up in a small space.

By the way, after keeping the world in suspense for a while, the couple finally revealed the name of their fourth born, and the youngest Kim-Kanye offspring goes by Psalm West. Where are those theorists who were dead sure that the kid would be named Theodore, Ted, or Teddy?

Kim has done a pretty good job raising her family

Given the manner via which Kim Kardashian gained her popularity, who would have ever imagined that she’d settle down, and even raise a family? All’s well that ends well, and for the reality TV star, it looks like she’s got everything she has ever wanted. Fortune indeed favors the bold.

Seeing Kanye West playing the dad role is also exciting, knowing his exploits in the music industry. When with his kids, the rapper is as cool and collected as you would expect of any doting father, and it’s even hard to imagine that this is the same guy who stole Taylor Swift’s moment. You most certainly remember the unfortunate incident, don’t you?

But to be honest, both Kanye and his wife have done a pretty good job raising their kids thus far. And they’ll only do better.

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