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You Could Live in This Fancy House Belonging to Kathryn Dennis for a Surprisingly Modest Price

If you’ve ever thought of living in a celebrity’s house, you might just have your dream come true!

Is there a catch, you ask? Only that you’ve got to be a Kathryn Dennis fan, as her former house is the one in question. Oh, and you’ve also got to have some cash set aside; you didn’t think the house would be handed over to you on a silver platter now, did you?

However, if just the idea that you’ll be living under the same roof that a model and reality TV star had over her head, you’re also welcome to acquire the townhouse!

Are you a Kathryn Dennis fan?

Southern Charm fans already know that the five-storied building is located in Charleston and that it was recently listed for just under $2 million.

Messy custody battle

The mother of two recently vacated the premises amidst a messy custody battle for her three and five-year-olds with Thomas Ravenel, her ex. According to the 26-year-old, the legal fight is proving quite expensive, so moving out was seen as the model trying to cut her costs.

Speaking to PEOPLE about the move, she confirmed that she was indeed making efforts towards being more financially responsible, going as far as mentioning the move. According to her, she was spending too much on rent at a time when she should be saving any extra dollar she has to spare.

Not so long ago, Dennis and Ravenel were quite the couple

The townhouse boasts four bedrooms complete with four baths, and its location is another wow factor. In addition to being a historic South Carolina neighborhood, Charleston also happens to be one of the most desirable cities in the state. You’d move there, wouldn’t you?

The house has also been around for a number of decades, having being put up in 1970. However, that’s not to say that it is an archaic building. Thanks to LEED certification standards, the house got a facelift in 2015.

It is now completely energy-efficient, with a filtration system and Thermador luxury appliances to boot. If you’ve got the $1.8 million, the time is now!

William Means Real Estate is the company holding the listing, with Lyles Geer being the particular agent concerned with all matters to do with Kathryn’s former home.

$1.8m and this bathroom is yours


Wins on a personal level

And although the reality star is having it tough on the custody battlefront, she is having some big wins on a personal level. Having previously battled with alcoholism and even going to rehab, the model feels that she has made some positive strides towards maintaining her sobriety.

According to her, the secret is in staying low-key, avoiding everything that prompted her to use. Lately, she has been spending her free time indoors, as opposed to when you’d find her dancing the night away at parties and other events.

For now, and probably the unforeseeable future, Kathryn Dennis’ home is her sanctuary and haven of safety. Although she admits that it’s tough to get things to do since most of her friends prefer nights out drinking, she is coming to terms with it. She even frequents the park! Go, girl!

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