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The Luxurious, Mind-Blowing Lifestyle of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has officially earned herself the title of the “youngest self-made billionaire” in the world. Even though there are people who are of the opinion that she cannot be rightly referred to as “self-made billionaire,” the divergent opinion doesn’t change the fact that her billionaire status gives her liberty to purchase anything she wants.

Jenner definitely knows how to spend her money in her own way. Here is a list of some crazy purchases (and activities) she has spent on in recent times.

  1. Jenner’s Impressive Car Collection

Jenner has an enviable collection of cars, and according to a media outlet, her luxury car collection includes a Bentley Bentayga with a retail price of nothing less than $229,000.

Jenner has a Bentley Bentayga that costs at least $229,000

The 21-year-old also has a Mercedes G-Wagon and Range Rover that are custom made.  Also, there are reports that she has at least 2 Ferraris with one of those estimated to be $250,000 and the other estimated at $1.4 million. Jenner also has multiple Rolls Royces.

  1. Jenner Spent About $12 Million On Her Mansion In 2016

In addition to her luxury cars, Jenner also has a home that is nothing short of luxury. Her home isn’t the regular 3-bedroom apartment as she has a mansion that measures 13,000 square feet in California.

Her Hidden-Hills mansion is on 1.4 acres with a garage that conveniently houses all her cars. Jenner got a team to design her home interior which cost her about $12 million. She bought the home sometime in 2016.

  1. Jenner Has Acquired Properties Worth Over $40 million Over The Last Couple Of Years

Her luxury mansion isn’t the only hangout spot the young billionaire has. Reports have it that she has spent over $40 million acquiring different properties in this past couple of years.

In addition to her Hidden-Hills mansion, Jenner has a Beverly Hills mansion and a massive Hidden-Hills home office

Her billionaire status makes it easy for her to acquire not just one property, but as many properties as she so desires. According to sources, Jenner also has a mansion located in Beverly Hills as well as a huge home office which is reportedly situate next to her home in Hidden Hills. The office is likely where she holds the meetings for her product line, Kylie Cosmetics.

  1. She Spends A Lot On Private Jets Yearly

For very obvious reasons, Jenner does not fly commercial. There are reports that she goes on ExecuJet private flights and a flight to Los Angeles from New York is around $60,000. Looking at all the places she flies to yearly, the sum she spends on flight yearly comes in at millions.

  1. Jenner Spent Lavishly On Stormi’s First Birthday

For Stormi’s first birthday, Jenner went all out. The actual cost of the birthday party wasn’t revealed, but it obviously cost as much as a lavish wedding.

Guests were entertained with a baby shark live performance at Stormi’s first birthday party

For the party, there was a huge custom-made blow-up that replicated Stormi’s face. Also, guests were treated to carnival rides as well as a gift shop that was Stormi-themed where there were lots of merchandise celebrating Stormi. There was also a “Baby Shark” live performance at the birthday party.

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