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Meghan Markle Has Had Some Bright Ideas, but This British Vogue Cover Might Just Be Her Best One Yet

Even before becoming a royal, Meghan Markle had made a name for herself as a selfless, kind hearted individual. And with her wedding to Prince Harry finally conferring her royalty, she hasn’t changed one bit. The former actress is still the compassionate lady she has always been, and it’s even better now that she has more resources at her disposal.

She married him and became a Princess of the United Kingdom

Effectively a Princess of the United Kingdom going by the title Duchess of Sussex, Markle has obviously taken on more responsibility as a member of The Royal Family. Her title, along with her character, make her a beacon, or better yet a role model for many people to emulate.

Recognizing Achievements

That she has seemingly made it to the top hasn’t made her proud in any way, and she’s keen on recognizing other people’s achievements. For this reason, British Vogue saw it fit to have the Duchess on as a guest editor for the magazine’s September issue.

True to her character, Meghan chose fifteen women she finds inspirational to grace the September cover, branding them “Forces for Change.” Among them include Jacinda Ardern, the NZ Prime Minister, and Jameela Jamil of NBC’s The Good Place. These women, according to Meghan, have risen the bar on justice, kindness, open mindedness, and equality.

“Forces for Change”

In addition to the inspirational women, the British Vogue cover also features a blank space, one which you would assume as being an oversight if you’re not keen. However, the Duchess has quite the explanation for including the space.

According to her spokesperson, it is a mirror of sorts, allowing readers to visualize themselves as being “Forces for Change” whenever they pick up the magazine. Leave it to Meghan to come up with such an idea, right? But, in truth, it only goes to show the kind of person she is J

You know how there’s always two sides to a coin? While many were all thumbs up concerning Meghan Markle’s idea of the magazine’s cover, there are some who didn’t take it kindly. They argued that the Duchess hadn’t put in the work, choosing to copy the concept and design from The Game Changers, a book that she contributed to prior to its release in 2016.

The book sure does involve a similar female lineup on its cover, but a Vogue spokesperson was quick to defend Meghan and deny the allegations. The September 2019 cover, they revealed, was thanks to a similar cover released on the magazine’s January 1990 issue. Back then, the two prominent lady figures were Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell.

Print Media Hardly Enough

The Duchess took the conversation to social media, requesting the magazine’s ardent readers to give pointers as to which charities they thought were spearheading change

Knowing Meghan, the “Forces for Change” movement wouldn’t just stop at British Vogue print copies. Along with the husband, the Duchess took the conversation to social media, requesting the magazine’s ardent readers to give pointers as to which charities they thought were spearheading change and ought to be on the royals’ radar.

This is actually a practice that the Sussex couple has had going on for a while, creating awareness on some of the individuals and organizations doing a commendable job at uplifting the lives of others. For August, up to fifteen charities would be lucky enough to have the royals backing up their efforts.

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