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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s Kids Will NOT Inherit Their Millions, Here’s the Shocking Reason Why

Aren’t we grateful for That ’70s Show? In addition to being such a hilarious sitcom ( gave it a 9/10 rating!), throughout the show is when co-stars Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher cultivated their friendship. But the end of the show didn’t signal the end of their relationship, and the two ended up tying the knot in 2015.

Happily married since 2015

And although the couple has had to deal with rumors of an impending divorce every now and then, they couldn’t be happier. They even responded to the latest wave of such speculations by uploading an Instagram video satirizing their break up.

The caption was even funnier, going as far as tagging the magazine that ran the story, telling them that they should report that they were expecting twins, next. Talk of satire at its best!

An Enviable Combined Net Worth

Given the partners’ individual successes in their acting careers, there’s no doubt that combined, they have quite the enviable net worth. Reportedly, Ashton’s net worth is currently at $200 million.

This is totally believable, seeing as he also doubles up as an investor, without forgetting that he’s a product engineer as well. His wife has also done well for herself being worth $55 million.

Kutcher came clean to Shepard, saying he wasn’t going to set up a fund for his kids

To say the least, the couple is more than financially secure. So much so that their kids should have nothing to worry about moneywise, no? But that’s where you go wrong.

Kutcher, while in conversation with his close friend Shepard, admitted that he wouldn’t set up a trust for his children. They’ve apparently agreed that as a couple, they’d best leave their money to those who are in dire need of it. That’s not to say that Wyatt and Dimitri won’t have a comfortable life though. They just shouldn’t bank on a hefty inheritance.

Kutcher is really afraid of his kids growing up spoiled, especially since they have no clue that they are already living a privileged life. In a few years, they’ll be old enough to understand how lucky they are, and the actor hopes that they won’t take it for granted.

No Handouts

Just here for the funding, not for the handouts

Instead of just handing over money to them, Kutcher and Kunis intend to provide funding for business plans, projects, or other bright ideas that either kid may have. And, as dad puts it, it just won’t be a check that they can’t account for. The parents will be part of the business as legitimate investors, hoping to get returns from the money they put in. What a parenting tip!

Back to their kids living comfortably, 4-year-old Wyatt and 2-year-old Dimitri are already having some of that pretty early in life. While on Shepard’s podcast, Kutcher admitted to buying a $1,100 crib for his son, one that rocks him back to sleep if he wakes up in the middle of the night.

It is actually sound activated, such that a loud cry initiates faster rocking, and the faster Dimitri can fall asleep again. This way, the parents don’t have to interrupt their sleep every now and then.

Interestingly, this couple isn’t the only one planning not to raise spoiled kids. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has also come out to say that he’ll leave most of his wealth to various charities, and so has billionaire Warren Buffett.

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