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After Being Named the Richest Female Music Artist, Is Rihanna Contemplating Retirement?

For Rihanna, 2019 was the year she has been looking forward to all her life. How many times has the singer admitted that she grew up with almost nothing? What’s more, her father was an addict, and for a while there her home environment was quite tough.

She finally made it!

That’s all in the past now, as Forbes recently named the Barbadian the richest female artist in the US, with her net worth sitting in at $600 million. Not Beyoncé, not Céline Dion, not even Madonna; Rihanna is the girl to beat.

No Brakes

Although RiRi is raking in the millions at 31, she has no plans of putting the brakes on her hustle just yet. Not even having a billionaire for a boyfriend is reason enough for her to relax, and we could all take a lesson or two from her.

In an interview with Style, Rihanna admitted to not ever thinking that she’d be as rich, and the fact that her net worth is now worthy of public interest won’t keep her from pursuing her ventures. What’s more, the songstress said that her work revolves around everything she loves and includes her passions.

Ri has a billionaire boyfriend but she’s still putting in the work

So what exactly does “work” mean for RiRi? You might say it’s that hit single she did with Drake, but that’s not it. Sure, the song is part of her hustle seeing as music is what burst her onto the scene in the first place, but the girl has ventured into both acting and fashion.

Ri has been in Battleship, Annie, Home, Valerian and Ocean’s Eight, movies that have all been successful in their own right. For her music exploits, the singer has won multiple awards, including nine Grammy’s. Of late, however, it is on the business front that Rihanna has been making major moves.

FENTY BEAUTY and More Fenty

As of December 2018, FENTY BEAUTY was worth $570 million. Seeing as the brand was only launched in 2017, that’s saying something! According to credible sources, Rihanna’s cosmetics line made over $70 million within its first month of operations. Wow! Who knew RiRi was quite the entrepreneur?

First it was music, then everything else followed


Spreading her reach from cosmetics and into the clothing business, Rihanna recently launched Fenty, a label she partnered with LVMH to bring to the world. She made history, by the way, becoming the first black woman to complete such a launch.

What do you think RiRi spends her money on? If you said herself, then you don’t know her one bit. The singer has multiple times said that she doesn’t care about the money, but the profits she makes ensures that her family is well taken care of. Profits also mean that she’s liquid enough to further her business ventures, just as any other smart entrepreneur would do.

Creating jobs is also something else Rihanna is big on, and money helps her do that. As you can see, the kind-hearted soul always puts others first. If you’re not yet convinced, then know now that she has a Foundation dedicated to improving children’s health care and education that has been operational since 2012. That’s a long way back, and she wasn’t even the richest female artist yet.

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