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Not Even the Queen Is Safe! This Intruder Broke into Buckingham Palace, But Here’s Why the Plan Failed

The Royal Family has millions of fans, some crazy enough to try pulling off impossible stunts. Years ago, a man named Michael Fegan did the impossible and successfully broke into the Queen’s bedroom, which left many of the royal fanatics believing that they too have a shot. After all, if it has been done once, it certainly could be done again, right? Wrong.

Just recently, a young man, aged 22, tried to pull off a Michael Fegan, only for his plan to fall short miserably. The incident happened on the night of July 11, with the suspect managing to climb over the gates and into the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

Her Majesty Was Home

Although the perp hadn’t gone far, the working theory is that they were headed for the Queen’s bedroom. According to The Sun, Her Majesty was sleeping when the 22-year-old banged on doors in the Palace.

Luckily, the guy was in custody just a few minutes after being on the grounds. Additionally, he didn’t actually gain access to any of the rooms as everything had been locked up.

Fegan’s security breach incident happened in 1982, on July 9 to be exact. Seeing that this other incident happened at around the same time of the month, the authorities had every reason to think in the lines of a copycat operation.

An intruder managed to scale these walls and almost break into Buckingham Palace

37 years ago, Fegan scaled the 14 feet that were the Palace’s wall, before finding an open window he used to access the building’s interior. As if the man had a blueprint to the place, he made his way to Her Majesty’s room, going as far as sitting on her bed.

At the time, it wasn’t considered a criminal offense to breach the walls of the palace, so Fegan was only charged with theft, as he had drunk some wine before making the move to the Queen’s room. However, the perp walked on grounds of insanity which earned him six months in a psychiatric institution.

Seeing as Fegan’s case was termed as among the worst security breaches of the last century, questions have been asked how someone also almost successfully pulled the same stunt for a second time.

Paramount Security?

We’re a long way from 1982, and given the advances in technology, Buckingham Palace should be among the most secure places on the planet. After all, it’s the main residence of the longest-serving monarch in the world.

The Queen should be secure 24/7

According to an anonymous source from the Palace, the incident was indeed the source of major concern. They just couldn’t understand how a possible threat to the grounds couldn’t be immediately stopped. Insisting on the importance of keeping the Queen safe, the insider was of the opinion that more should be done in regards to the CCVT cameras and the heat sensors at Buckingham.

Although Fegan was lucky not to be charged with a criminal offense, the latest offender isn’t that lucky. Although they won’t be brought to court on terrorism charges, they’ve got him dead to rights on trespassing, and there’s possibly no way he could get himself out of that one.

Soon after the suspect was arrested, the authorities transported him to a central London holding cell. All things considered, it may not end well for him.

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