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What Was Princess Diana’s Childhood Like? You Now Have a Chance to Find Out!

Do the lives of the royals family seem fascinating to you? If you’re nodding your head, don’t worry because you’re not alone. The British royal family has millions of fans both in Britain and around the world, and you only have to see the buzz royal events create to believe this.

Most recent of these events has got to be Baby Archie’s birth, the newest addition to the ever growing family. And do you remember Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle? The ceremony had a global audience!

Princess of Wales

The world is still fond of Princess Diana

One particular royal that fans the world over are particularly fond of is Princess Diana, may her soul rest in peace. Initially Lady Diana Spencer, she would later become Princess of Wales after her marriage to Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II’s eldest son.

Although the marriage ended in divorce in 1996, the world has always loved the Princess. Her death in 1997 came as a huge blow to many, sending the world into mourning.

Over two decades after Diana left us, we have a reason to smile in memory of her. You must know of the Althorp Estate, right? If you don’t, you’ll be pleased to know that it was where Princess Diana grew up, and it’ll be receiving visitors this summer.

The Althorp Estate was Princess Diana’s childhood home

From July to August, the Estate will play host to the Animals of Althorp, a quite special exhibition showcasing a number of artifacts and antiques. The exhibition will also display a portrait of Marmalade, wait for it, Princess Diana’s cat.

As you know, Diana’s maiden family was the Spencers, a family that arrived in England back in 1468. They brought their huge flocks of sheep with them, as they were in search of ample grazing land.

They ended up settling, building their home in 1508. Seeing as the family was made of animal lovers, they sought to ensure that there would always be enough pasture and other vegetation readily available in their immediate environment.

In doing so, they effectively turned their home into an animal haven. Since way back then, they have always had animals for neighbors, including deer that are, to say the least, a wonderful sight.

You now understand where the exhibition gets its name from, right? Should you purpose to attend, you’ll be privy to a tour of the estate, walking through the very compound Princess Diana spent her childhood. The estate is now home to Charles Spencer, Diana’s brother, and his wife Countess Karen.

Charles, otherwise known as Earl Spencer, now mans the estate as head of the Spencer family

Worth Every Minute

Although a visit through every inch of the estate’s ground is highly unlikely, I must say that the tour will definitely be worth your time.

Among the places you’ll get to explore is the grounds’ portrait gallery, which is a long hall spanning 115 feet, with as many paintings as you could ever wish for. You’re an art lover, aren’t you? I see that smile!

The home also features a magnificent dining room, fit to host the world’s Heads of State, in addition to a library that would put most others to shame. Your highlight, however, would be Wootton Hall, where the young princess practiced her tap dancing.

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