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Simon Cowell Pulled a Hilarious Prank on David Williams and Won $1,000

The relationship between Simon Cowell and David Williams always promises to bring some drama whenever Britain’s Got Talent is on. The two are undoubtedly friends, but on the show, it is David who’s the playful one, while his fellow judge takes a sterner approach.

Throughout the live shows, David is ever trying to get Simon to loosen up, which makes for some interesting watching in addition to the acts of the day. As you would imagine, it is usually Simon who’s always at the receiving end of David’s antics, but it seems that he has finally gotten one better over his mate.

Sister Show Origins

You know that BGT has a sister show in the name of Britain’s Got More Talent, right? It was on this show that Simon was introduced to an interesting game by one Stephen Mulhern, a prankster.

Mulhern challenged the judge to avoid mentioning 17 (the number), before setting him up to scenarios that would force Simon to repeatedly say the number out loud. Sounds fun, right? So much so that Simon decided that he’d pull the same prank on David.

While playing with Stephen, the prankster asked Simon a number of mathematical questions, with the music mogul being able to successfully avoid mentioning the number in question.

To trick his respondent, Stephen reacted as though Simon had answered “17” when asked what was ten less three, prompting him to defend himself saying that he hadn’t mentioned the number, and thereby saying it in the process. Get it?

David fell for it 🙂

With David being Simon’s number one target, he decided to make the game interesting by betting £1,000 with his colleague before they started. Guess what? David fell for the same trick Stephen had played on Simon, leaving him £1,000 short.

And as you would expect, Simon couldn’t be happier. Soon as David failed, he jumped from his chair with excitement over the prize money, with Mulhern also joining in on the celebration. To make it even better for Simon, the look on David’s face when he realized the amount at stake was one to die for!

“In Your Face”

In your face, David!

All the same, he took it in stride, even with Simon rubbing the loss to his face. He wasn’t just about to let his counterpart get off easy and quickly reminded him that Cowell was the one who owed him. It turned out that the “loser” didn’t have the cash on him, but he promised to pay up eventually.

Do you think he ever did? He must have since it seems that pranking each other while having a stake on it is something that he’d get himself into time and again.

But isn’t it nice to see how great of a friendship these two Got Talent judges have? The fact that Simon is David’s boss is thrown out of the window, and for all purposes, these two are equals. Friends, colleagues, and pranksters.

Alesha has even confirmed that her fellow judges have a very strong bromance, and we wonder how much mischief the two get into when the cameras aren’t rolling.

A very strong bromance going on

It’s only fair that Simon won this time around, given the hell David gives him when they’re filming the live shows.

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