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Taylor Swift on Relationships: Where She Goes Wrong With Her Advice

The iPad generation knows no genius like that of Taylor Swift. Indeed, a large number of her fans consists of teenage admirers that resonate with her music, as well as all the details in the song.

Indeed, Swift has been at the center-stage of a number of high profile romances; the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Calvin Harris, Harry Styles, and Joe Jonas are just to name a few.

So it’s no surprise that some of these relationships have found themselves in the songs that she sings.

That being said, most of the news about her relationships are not as glamorous as we would imagine. Which makes sense considering the number of breakups that she has had.

With that in mind, here are some of the things that Taylor Swift doesn’t get right about relationships.

Taylor Swift might be a great singer, but her relationship advice can be questionable at times

Her Advice on Crushes

She once made a direct address to a fan that was expressing the sadness of his crush on Social Media.

Swift gave advice by comparing the crush as a form of unrequited love.

While it was great that she discussed with the fan and offered her two cents on the situation, her assessment wasn’t the smartest as she related the crush as a similar thing to unrequited love. The reality, however, is that the two are totally different ideologies of love and relationships.

One of the things that have made Tyler’s relationships so public is that she mentions them frequently in her songs

What Tyler Swift Thinks About The Perfect Love

Taylor Swift might not have the most ideal past when it comes to her love and relationships, but she does have her perception about perfect love.

In fact, she once quipped that the perfection of love can be seen in that it will not always be perfect,

Unfortunately, the statement itself is an oxymoron.

That’s because if its perfection is that it is not perfect, then it is imperfect, right?

Additionally, Taylor believes she is too young to get married because she is not looking for something serious

Unsure With Her Love Statements

In one of her critically acclaimed albums, Taylor says that she will be the girl that will never cut her hair, let alone make the move to New York so that she can such for happiness in a world where she feels like she is not in love.

That is the ending that Taylor provides in her album 1989. Indeed, it is quite beautiful, and almost touches on the border of pure poetry.

Unfortunately, the album also contains songs that actually touch on some of her exes, as well as her life in New York City.

Indeed, one can be in love with people, as well as other things. It seems that she clearly understands this but does not put it out the right way.

Her Outlook On Marriage

Swift further discusses her view of marriage. At the moment, she believes that she is too young to get married. Not in terms of her age, but the awareness of self. So she doesn’t see the point of meeting an individual right now when she’s aware that she is quite young to do anything that is serious.

This, in itself, is an overstatement because it’s not a given that anything serious will lead to marriage.

Taylor Swift Speaking About Her Life

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Swift mentioned that it’s like her dating life has become somewhat a national pastime.

Indeed, she feels like she’s no longer comfortable providing this type of information at the moment.

Moreover, she feels uncomfortable seeing slide shows of individuals that she has dated in the past. She also doesn’t like the jokes that comedians make about her at award shows.

Which is funny considering that she loves to write songs about guys that she had dated in her past and leave hints about them in the lyrics.

As a matter of fact, she has been doing this ever since she began her career!

Taylor Swift On Not Dating Anymore

One of Taylor’s major flaws is that she seems to believe that dating cannot be equated with happiness.

However, the reality is the opposite. Dating, especially with the right individual, can result in happiness, as well as the happiness of oneself which can lead to love and affection with the individual in question.

That being said, perhaps the culmination of past relationships that didn’t succeed is what has influenced Taylor’s mindset.

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